The Impact of SONAR

Ultrasound – a sound that is not different from other types except humans cannot hear it, and its approximately above 20 kilohertz. But our negligence and malicious methods have led to a devastating impact on the life around us, even though we are unable to feel the pain.

The term SONAR stands for Sound Navigation and Ranging. A few SONAR systems are designed to locate fish, to help catch them easily. SONAR technology though is primarily used for oceanographic research. Through this method, fishing sonar boats send out and receive sound pulses with the help of a transducer, that helps fishermen learn about the distance, depth, etc. Such technology can indubitably benefit them, as it provides for a simple trick to trap large number of fishes in one go. The images formed with the help of SONAR can reveal the precise location of the fish, and at times their numbers too.

A study has revealed that underwater SONAR effects can have shocking impacts on marine mammals, especially whales and dolphins. It was found that exposure to ultrasonic sound disturbed their communication and behavioral processes. In another exercise conducted by the military in the United Kingdom, the number of whales in a particular area drastically fell from over 200 to about 50. The cause? – SONAR.

Even though the impact hasn’t been entirely assessed, evidence provides that whales change their direction rapidly, stop hunting, and swim many miles away when exposed to SONAR.

The consequences of excessive use of this technology is evident. Our wants have put the lives and habitats of thousands of fishes and organisms at risk. We seriously need to review our actions, and its high-time for introspection. The use of SONAR has its benefits, but at what cost are we going to continue risking our future?

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