Skincare Chemicals and Corals – A Cause of Concern?

Our obsession of skincare and its products is inevitably eternal, but so are its impacts. The environmentally-derogatory effect that virtually unlimited skincare products such as sunscreens have, cannot be compensated for by nature’s limited lifespan. When we go to the beach or on vacation, for example, practically everyone applies sunscreen to their body. It’s possibleContinue reading “Skincare Chemicals and Corals – A Cause of Concern?”

The Tragedy of Oil Spills

A dark and murky liquid that despicably spreads over the surface of the sea, and prevents any sunlight or oxygen to pass through, killing thousands of aquatic organisms each year – you have guessed right. An oil spill is the release or leakage of liquid hydrocarbons such as petroleum onto a water body’s surface. BesidesContinue reading “The Tragedy of Oil Spills”

Kolkata & the Bay of Pollution

Occupying an area of about 839000 square miles, the Bay of Bengal is one of India’s most important oceans. The water body also holds significant historical importance in Kolkata, and once served as the gateway for the Britisher’s arrival to India. It is also the home of 475 different species of fish, and thus alsoContinue reading “Kolkata & the Bay of Pollution”

The Effect of Light Pollution on Aquatic Life

With an ever-increasing pressure on our environment, the future of all living beings, including humans – who are the problem – is bleak. Through all the media that we know exist; water, air, soil, etc. our polluting activities pose an imminent threat to the flora and fauna around us. India boasts a large coastline thatContinue reading “The Effect of Light Pollution on Aquatic Life”