India Ocean Project

A Blue Revolution.

The Gujarat Coast

From the Gir Lion to the salt deserts. Whale Sharks to Sea Turtles this state and its ocean are a blue paradise.

Tamil Nadu Coastal Kadhai

Point Calimere to Cape Comorin, Pulicat to Buckingham Canal, Islands of Rameshwaram to Highlands of Cheyyur, Wildlife at Pichavaram to History at Mahabalipuram.

Odisha’s Mahasagara

Sea Turtle mass nesting sites to super cyclonic storms landing sites. A state with dynamic beaches and vibrant ocean fronts.

Karnataka Karavali

Islands off Mangalore to estuaries in Uttara Kannada. This Kanara-Karavali-Tulu Nadu is also Turtle Nadu.

Andhra Theeram

Home to the river basins of India’s mighty rivers; Godavari, Krishna and the Penna rivers. Pristine beaches that offer breathtaking visuals of the Bay of Bengal.

Bengal Upakul

The Sundarbans Delta to the Hooghly River. From the Royal Bengal Tiger to the Gangetic River Dolphin. The Bengal Coast has got it all.

Mighty Malabar

Scenic backwaters and lagoons in God’s Own Country and vast beaches that open out to the Arabian Sea.

The Konkan Coast

Historical forts to Tropical Beaches. Maharashtra’s coast offers the perfect blend of culture and ecology.

India’s beaches are more than vast stretches of sand.

It is the launchpad to an unknown waterworld.

Beach ain’t a dustbin, ocean ain’t a landfill. Every plastic bag, straw, tampon, Plaster of Paris Idol we dump is killing a turtle, dugong, whale and countless fish.


Where beach is a party


Where beach is not so dirty


Where beach is all rocky

Ocean Conservation

Stop Polluting Our Blue Paradise

Vast stretch of our Oceans are home to millions of lives.