Charming Waves of Chennai’s Coastline

Beaches are the definers of Chennai.

A Penchant for Chennaites and tourists.

That can turn grueling lifestyle into a paradise,

By stepping on the sands of the beach,

The beauty of sunrise and sunset points 

Mesmerizing sea breeze to escape from heat

Are the imagery of the coastline landscape

An opportunity to play, stroll, family time and conservation.

The beaches that nudge your senses:

  1.  Marina Beach

The world’s second longest coastline that encompasses a whole new world is the charm of Marina. Madras Marina was its initial name, coined by 1881-1886, the then Governor of Madras, Grand Duff who was captivated by the promenade.The lighthouse, Gandhi statue, University of Madras, several spiritual places lie around its vicinity.

2. Edward Elliot’s Beach

The beach is named after Edward Elliott who presided over the Madras governance as Chief Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, son of erstwhile Governor of Madras, Hugh Elliott. The monumental structure in honor of Karl Schmidt, a Dutch citizen for his gallantry act of laying life to save a drowning English woman symbolizes the story of sacrifice. This popular beach in the expanse of Besant Nagar is known as Bessy beach jazzily and Besant Nagar beach as a landmark.

3. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

The dazzling grassy lands of the East Coast of Chennai is an alluring sands and waters. Thiruvanmiyur Beach is known for its quietness and serenity. A glance of the sunrise and sunset panorama is a therapy to one’s senses. The specialty of this coastline is the pebbles presence which is why it is also called a Pebbles Beach by many. Thiru – Van – Miyur, ‘Thiru’ refers to Mr. in Tamil; Van refers to Varman of Pallava Dynasty, a relic of ‘Amiyur’ being city of turtles – a crucial habitat for turtles. 

4. Kasimedu Beach

Kasimedu Beach has a thorough history of Royapuram fishing harbor since the 19th century of the colonial era. The boats, harbor, rocks along a sunrise and sunset landscape are most happening feasts to one’s senses. The harbor is the market for the fishermen which sprawls until the Ennore Expressway.

5. Santhome Beach

The beach gained precedence after the construct of the beautiful architecture, the Santhome Church. Santhome Beach in the area of Mylapore attracts throngs of people every weekend. This beach has gained popularity for conduct of marathons, spiritual congregation and lane of schools on the Santhome High road which faces the beach.

6. Covelong Beach

Covelong (Kovalam) , a hub spot for coconuts is named after the village with an abundance of coconut trees. The beach has a plethora of resort chains to attract people to spend a relxing weekend or a vacation. This beach has a rich and posh look and hence a luxurious beach of all.

7. Breezy Beach

Valmiki Nagar is a home to a small yet a subtle coastline popular for horse riding. The tranquility of the beach is an ideal tap for a stroll across the sand and a dip of the feet in the waters. The sea breeze of this foreshore is a coolant to mind and heart which is why it’s Breezy Beach which is never to be missed.

8. Pallavakkam Beach

The Pallavakkam Beach in the suburbs of Chennai is located on the East Coast of Chennai. This beach is popular to be spacious which is not so crowded.  The southern part of Chennai inhabits this foreshore with a beautiful sunrise and sunset points. The unparalleled elegance of this beach has a history of Pallava dynasty, culture and heritage.

9. VGP Beach

 The VGP golden beach resort is a private beach space that attracts masses to spend holiday or vacation at the beach. The place is a home to a vast space open to VGP resort bookers, safe, secure for youngsters, family, corporate vacations. The VGP Universal Kingdom, amusement park adjoins the resort built in the year 1997 spread across 44 acres.

10.  Neelankarai Beach

The beach is an unmixed coastline of the Southern Coromandel Coast of Chennai. Neelankarai Beach (the blue shore) is a peaceful space, where visitors can spot turtles. The solidarity of the sea breeze attracts strollers due to its less visitors’ count. It is an ideal embodiment of a picturesque and silent landscape for nature lovers to behold and click photos. 

The Bottomline

The city’s temperature is majorly influenced by the land and sea breeze. It is high time that the inhabitants realize the importance of the water bodies that joins the ocean.

Sea breeze creates the coolant effect for the city and hence regulates the temperature.

From visiting beaches for cool breeze, the step begins in conserving the inland waters and keeping the space clean.

The Chennai Floods of 2015 and Chennai’s Water crisis of 2019 is a critical lesson owing to rampant encroachments and agglomerations.

The infographic below published by highlights the Chennai map in from the bandwidth of 1997 to 2016.

Let’s rise! 

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3 thoughts on “Charming Waves of Chennai’s Coastline

  1. Beautiful ❣️ update about all the sea coast in and around Chennai.
    It gives a bird’s eye view of the Chennai’s coast panorama. Enabling to visit them virtually via your blog.


  2. I love Thiruvanmiyur, Covelong Beach, and Neelankarai Beach. Spending all my weekends over their. As Marina, Santhome beaches are super crowdy.


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