Besant Nagar Beach: Beach Mornings

It was around 8:00 am, the day after Christmas that I visited Besant Nagar Beach for a walk. The water was cold while the sand was humid. 26th December 2004 is remembered for the Tsunami and Ocean Earthquake that affected throngs of coastal households. What caught my attention was the beautiful Beach Morning creepers andContinue reading “Besant Nagar Beach: Beach Mornings”

The Arribada – “Mass Arrival” of Olive Ridley Baby Turtles at Odisha

At Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary, Odisha,  March 11th 2021 – March 24th 2021 : Mass Nesting by 3.94 lakh Mother Turtles on the islands  From May 7th 2021 : Mass Hatching of 1.48 crore Baby Turtles from shore towards the sea  The natural scene was a delight for environmentalists, Turtle Protection Force and nature lovers toContinue reading “The Arribada – “Mass Arrival” of Olive Ridley Baby Turtles at Odisha”

“Edward Elliot’s Beach”

Shoreline striking elusive elegance  A classic landmark of Chennai with glittering waters in the heart of Besant Nagar and the shores of Bay of Bengal, the “Edward Elliot’s Beach” is a charming and sparkling stretch of sand prominent at the end of Marina.  The early morning phenomenon that leaves its visitors spellbound is the flapContinue reading ““Edward Elliot’s Beach””

Charming Waves of Chennai’s Coastline

Beaches are the definers of Chennai. A Penchant for Chennaites and tourists. That can turn grueling lifestyle into a paradise, By stepping on the sands of the beach, The beauty of sunrise and sunset points  Mesmerizing sea breeze to escape from heat Are the imagery of the coastline landscape An opportunity to play, stroll, familyContinue reading “Charming Waves of Chennai’s Coastline”