Bheemili Beach: Waves of Thrill and Ethnic Creativity

Located at the mouth of the river Gosthani which merges with Bay of Bengal at Bheemunipatnam, the Bheemili beach is yet another jewel among the numerous picturesque seashores of Visakhapatnam. Soft glowing golden sand, pulsating waves and peaceful atmosphere define the environment at this scenic beach. In addition to this, a fun-filled aura teemed withContinue reading “Bheemili Beach: Waves of Thrill and Ethnic Creativity”

Ramakrishna Beach: The Beach of Destiny

Splashing cool waves lashing at the serene seashores. Aesthetic rocks embellishing the vast coast. The hub of various commercial sea activities and the most prominent and significant strategically located Eastern coastal port of the Indian Navy. Welcome to the realms of the mystical beaches of the  “city of destiny”- Visakhapatnam!  Well known as the capitalContinue reading “Ramakrishna Beach: The Beach of Destiny”

Liberating Chennai’s Bottled Up Coastline

Beaches are not just vast stretches of sands, they’re a habitat! They ain’t a dustbin, ocean ain’t a landfill. Every bottle, plastic bag, straw, tampon, Plaster of Paris Idol we dump is killing a turtle, dugong, whale and countless fish. E.F.I in collaboration with the Greater Chennai Corporation and the HCL Foundation have taken onContinue reading “Liberating Chennai’s Bottled Up Coastline”

Chennai’s Blue Revolution has begun!

Chennai’s coasts play a vital role when it comes to the marine ecosystem of India. Consisting of vast stretches of beaches, they serve as nesting grounds for the critically endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, and several other marine species. Owing to rapid urbanization, these beaches have today become a tourist attraction, which has caused countlessContinue reading “Chennai’s Blue Revolution has begun!”