Cleaning the Fishermen’s Beach

Located in South Chennai, the beaches of Neelankarai are few of the unexplored jewels of the city’s coastline. The word ‘Neelankarai’ translates to ‘Blue Shore’ as its light blue waters crashes on to the sand. It is also known to host several turtles during nesting season. The Chinna Neelankarai Beach is one such a stretchContinue reading “Cleaning the Fishermen’s Beach”

Beach Conservation efforts in Chennai

Chennai as a city is home to several unique and picturesque beach stretches. Each stretch is a biodiversity hotspot by itself and serve as pristine grounds for nesting of sea turtles. Unfortunately, these beaches over the years have been abused and polluted, causing harm and a threat to the already threatened marine life. Two suchContinue reading “Beach Conservation efforts in Chennai”

How COVID corrupted our coasts…

The outbreak of the COVID pandemic had caused widespread scare amongst all nations and made the world come to a standstill. With everyone under lockdown, there was a downfall in COVID cases, and a brief period of time when Mother Nature could finally breathe in peace again. Everyone rejoiced this moment as they could finallyContinue reading “How COVID corrupted our coasts…”

Ghost Nets haunts Chennai’s Coasts

Chennai as a metropolitan city, is important for countless reasons, such as, business, culture, education center, and its coast. Coast of Chennai is vital to its growth as most of its trade and fisheries are carried out here. Fishing when done on a large scale tends to have its demerits. One such a demerit isContinue reading “Ghost Nets haunts Chennai’s Coasts”

Reviving Chennai’s Fragile Coasts

On the 20th of February 2021, the beach stretch of 4th Seaward Road, Thiruvanmiyur was all set for a revival! Over 25 dedicated volunteers from across the city joined us to clean and protect our dying coast. Take a look at all that happened during the clean up! The volunteers in a matter of justContinue reading “Reviving Chennai’s Fragile Coasts”

Love for our Coasts

As the world cherished its love on Valentine’s day, we celebrated our love for Mother Nature herself. Close 40 volunteers from across the city joined us at 7 am to clean and protect the fragile coasts of Chennai. Volunteers gathered up for the orientation session held at the 4th Seaward Road Beach and the AshtalakshmiContinue reading “Love for our Coasts”

Coastal Conservation Efforts in Chennai

Our day started with the stunning sight of the dazzling sunrise at Chennai’s beach! On 6th of February 2021 from 7 am, the cleanup on 6th February started at 7 am from the beach stretch of the Ashtalakshmi Temple Beach, Besant Nagar. Each volunteer was provided with a sac bag and a glove and theContinue reading “Coastal Conservation Efforts in Chennai”