Bits of plastic, lying on the seafloor!

2020 has indeed been a year of learnings, understanding the significance of Mother Nature and the need for coexistence. Rolling through the high and low tides of 2020, made us reflect on our actions and their ultimate consequences. Thus, we humans have determinedly adapted to the stay clean, stay home and stay safe motto. WithContinue reading “Bits of plastic, lying on the seafloor!”

How Old is the Sea?

The Indian landmass is a nation of varied geographical landscapes and different societies and cultures. But one important sphere of the country remains unnoticed, that is, the rich diverse oceans that encompass the peninsular country. Beneath these vast stretches of crystal clear water bodies lies the ancient remains of our ancestors and past civilizations ofContinue reading “How Old is the Sea?”

Revive. Survive. Strive.

Oceans form a crucial part of our nature. They not only cool down the atmosphere and provide us with life-giving clouds but also provide shelter to millions of species of marine organisms. Unfortunately, the graceful water bodies of our beloved World are under serious threat of degradation. Be it the large amounts of CO2 emissionsContinue reading “Revive. Survive. Strive.”

Dead Zones of the Bay of Bengal

When it comes to the marine heritage of the Eastern coast of India, the vast stretch of Bay of Bengal is the shining embellishment that the country possesses. But in the course of years of technological development and advancement in industrial production, mankind has caused immeasurable damage to the kind and selfless environment. Coming toContinue reading “Dead Zones of the Bay of Bengal”

Kondakorla Ava Beach: A harmonious shore

Every beach at Visakhapatnam has its own uniqueness and distinct specialty. From clean, scenic beaches to fun-filled thrilling sea-shores, one can explore the variety of coastal attributes maintained by human intervention. But there’s one beach here, in the littoral city of Visakhapatnam, which has been untouched to a large extent and its tranquility will touchContinue reading “Kondakorla Ava Beach: A harmonious shore”

Bheemili Beach: Waves of Thrill and Ethnic Creativity

Located at the mouth of the river Gosthani which merges with Bay of Bengal at Bheemunipatnam, the Bheemili beach is yet another jewel among the numerous picturesque seashores of Visakhapatnam. Soft glowing golden sand, pulsating waves and peaceful atmosphere define the environment at this scenic beach. In addition to this, a fun-filled aura teemed withContinue reading “Bheemili Beach: Waves of Thrill and Ethnic Creativity”

Ramakrishna Beach: The Beach of Destiny

Splashing cool waves lashing at the serene seashores. Aesthetic rocks embellishing the vast coast. The hub of various commercial sea activities and the most prominent and significant strategically located Eastern coastal port of the Indian Navy. Welcome to the realms of the mystical beaches of the  “city of destiny”- Visakhapatnam!  Well known as the capitalContinue reading “Ramakrishna Beach: The Beach of Destiny”