Bits of plastic, lying on the seafloor!

2020 has indeed been a year of learnings, understanding the significance of Mother Nature and the need for coexistence. Rolling through the high and low tides of 2020, made us reflect on our actions and their ultimate consequences. Thus, we humans have determinedly adapted to the stay clean, stay home and stay safe motto. With this spirit, there has been an increase in the ocean cleanups across the world which has brought forward many catastrophic revelations.

Focusing on our national beaches, scuba divers in all the coastal cities have geared up to make our seas hygienic again. The greatest example is that of the team of scuba divers in Visakhapatnam. Scuba divers of Livein Adventures, an adventure sports firm from Vizag, on Christmas Day resumed their scuba diving activity post the lockdown.600 kgs of trash was collected from under the sea in a day. The divers started finding trash just few feet into the sea.  The trash that was picked up included huge amounts of face masks of various types, hand sanitiser bottles, gloves, and other COVID-19-related waste, apart from the usual plastic waste.

This highlights the need to create large-scale awareness among the citizens and local bodies to keep a check on their waste management system and contribution towards preserving our pristine environment.

Visakhapatnam has come under extensive attention in terms of the seafloor cleanups and has seen an upsurge in the number of the teams of scuba divers that regularly dive into the placid beach waters and work incessantly to clean the seafloor. The most surprising feature was that most of the litter found was the COVID-19 related litter which is extremely harmful for the precious marine life. Thus, grave concern arises in this field and poses threat to the future of our marine habitat.

To put it in a nutshell, the need of the hour is to become aware about the results and effects our actions might have on the ecosystem. That is, we must ensure that we dispose of the plastic items and the Covid-19 related safety items with extra-precaution. It is advisable to use eco-friendly safety items like cloth masks which will reduce the plastic waste burden.

 We must strive for protecting our Mother Nature’s beautiful creations with great dedication and determination. 

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