Revive. Survive. Strive.

Oceans form a crucial part of our nature. They not only cool down the atmosphere and provide us with life-giving clouds but also provide shelter to millions of species of marine organisms. Unfortunately, the graceful water bodies of our beloved World are under serious threat of degradation. Be it the large amounts of CO2 emissions that raise the temperature and evaporation of water from oceans or be it the large-scale pollution of the pristine waters with non-biodegradable items, mankind has put the entire system of ecological balance on risk for it’s own benefit. We need to change this negligent and selfish attitude else we must be ready for the disastrous future.

Keeping in mind the 14th UNDP sustainable goal for development, it is evident that governments and authorities definitely have a role to play in the conservation of water-bodies but it all starts with the participation of individuals. It is wrong to blame the entire society for this menace because most of the people are unaware of the fact that their simple ignorant actions are the roots of complex and massive environmental destruction. Thus, here we present three easy ways in which you can contribute towards a healthy tomorrow for you and your future generations.

1. THINK before you ACT

Generally we do something important for our well-being with all care and strength but when it comes to nature and it’s preservation, we tend to neglect the consequences of our actions. Thus, before you buy a plastic bag, before you unwrap a polythene cover, keep in mind that proper disposal of these hazardous substances is more important than their usage. Especially when you are at a beach having a jolly picnic, remember the water-bodies are a part of our larger family called ecosystem and hence contaminating them is not rightful.

2. Opt for recyclable items

Single use plastics are convenient to use but their decomposition takes a very long time. Thus, we must opt for alternatives like paper or cloth items which cause relative less harm to the nature.

3. Eat sustainably 

Food forms an essential part of anyone’s life. Thus, making wise decisions about the food you eat is one of the best ways to help our environment recover. Eat local. Eat sustainable. Do not crave for seafoods that are over exploited and help these species survive and replenish.

By following these three simple steps, one can do a lot on one’s behalf for the better future and healthy living of the mankind and the marine ecosystem.

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