Kondakorla Ava Beach: A harmonious shore

Every beach at Visakhapatnam has its own uniqueness and distinct specialty. From clean, scenic beaches to fun-filled thrilling sea-shores, one can explore the variety of coastal attributes maintained by human intervention. But there’s one beach here, in the littoral city of Visakhapatnam, which has been untouched to a large extent and its tranquility will touch your heart as you read below about the story of the Kondakorla Ava beach.

A ferry at Kondakorla Ava Source: vizagtourism.in

Far away from the hustle of the busy city, the Kondakorla Ava beach resides in complete peacefulness with frequent visits by exhausted locals and curious tourists who seek refuge in the welcoming ripples of the white-sand beach. It is home to one of the biggest freshwater lakes of the state and this is one big attraction for the tourists along with its picturesque setting dotted with coconut trees and lush green hills on either side. 

The fishermen at the beach have made it possible for the tourists to enjoy the buoyancy of the cool waters by offering boating opportunities. Unlike the traditional polished boats, the boatmen use logs of palm trees to make rafts that provide a rustic experience with the chance to wave your hands through the numerous lotus flowers that bloom here.

A migratory birdat Kondakorla Ava Source: namastevizagites.in

Occasionally, migratory birds drop by to greet the locals at the Bird and lake sanctuary here which is home to several exotic bird species like cormorants, pochards, herons, storks, and egrets. In short, a perfect place for witnessing the marine life thriving at Visakhapatnam is the Kondakorla Ava beach. It reminds us that biodiversity adds various colours to our life and it is extremely important to preserve such places to ensure this coexistence, the harmony, continues to exist for generations to come.

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