Ramakrishna Beach: The Beach of Destiny

Splashing cool waves lashing at the serene seashores. Aesthetic rocks embellishing the vast coast. The hub of various commercial sea activities and the most prominent and significant strategically located Eastern coastal port of the Indian Navy. Welcome to the realms of the mystical beaches of the  “city of destiny”- Visakhapatnam! 

Well known as the capital city of Andhra Pradesh and one of the most famous Software Parks of India, Visakhapatnam is also renowned for its natural scenic beauty especially the pristine water bodies that adorn the city with marine jewels. A visit to the City of Destiny is incomplete without visiting the hotspot of Visakhapatnam- The RK Beach. While Mumbai is famous for its Queen’s necklace, Visakhapatnam is popularly known for its extraordinarily clean and beautiful RK Beach drive. RK Beach gets its name from the Ramakrishna Mission ashram situated near the beach. It is one of the most crowded beaches in the country. With its serene waters and cool atmosphere, the beach offers a wonderful view of the countryside. 

What’s even more unique about this beach is that it has adopted various eco friendly techniques which include the planting of coconut trees on the sand! They not only add to the beauty of the beach but also provide soothing shade to the people. Annual fests and weekend concerts were a regular feature at this beach until the advent of the Corona pandemic. Large crowds of people gather at the beach to enjoy the calming waters and charming sunrise and sunset while resting on the beach beds. 

One of the most grave problems that prevail on this beach is that of erosion. From the past seven years the RK beach has faced major beach erosion challenges pertaining to the harsh cyclones that hit the coast frequently. With the help of World Bank Funds and the project report being prepared by Deltares, a Dutch consultancy in association with National Institute of Ocean Technology, there is a scope of large scale beach redevelopment in the near future.

Navy, Coast Guard, police and students form clean-up crew for Vizag beaches

Once the cleanest beach of Vizag, RK beach has become loaded with garbage in recent years as ignorant tourists and locals continue to dispose of their waste on the shore even though the provision of wet and dry dustbins exists. Frequent campaigns and cleanliness drives by student organisations regularly carry out the tidying of the beaches and create awareness about the necessity of keeping our beaches clean and free of the plastic menace.

Despite the few imperfections in the conditions of the beach, the optimum utilisation of solar energy is remarkable. With solar charged illuminated benches and traffic signals, the potential of tapping the most abundant source of energy is being carried out to the fullest. However, it is the need of the hour to take immediate action to ensure that the serenity of the beach is not lost forever. For this, it is extremely important to instill a sense of belongingness and care towards the natural gifts that are bestowed on us by Mother Nature, in the minds of the people in order to restore this beach’s cleanliness. This will also help provide a safe and healthy environment for a variety of marine organisms that thrive in and near the sea. With continuous efforts by not only the administrative bodies but also by WE the responsible citizens of our Motherland, it is definite that the beach of destiny will soon triumph back to its original beauty.

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